Introducing New Detox Foot Bath and Detox Pedicure Services:

Ion Detox Foot Bath - $30/30 mins

An ionic foot bath involves immersing your feet in a small tub of water and salt, while an attached device emits a low-level electrical current to create positive and negative ions in the water. Supports the elimination of toxins such as heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides, colorings, additives, and preservatives that we acquire from water, food and air. These substances become stored in joints, organs, nerves and tissues, creating an environment conductive to disease, allergies and immune system dysfunction.

Detoxify and Energize Pedicure - $60/60 mins

Epsom salts are composed of magnesium and sulfate. According to research done by Leo Galland of the Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, Asheville, N.C., the magnesium in Epsom Salt has been shown to ease stress, improve concentration and increase the quality of sleep by having a depressant effect on the central nervous system. It also reduces inflammation, relieves pain and muscle cramps.

Aches and Pain Tension Relief Pedicure - $65/60 mins

Aches and Pain Tension Relief Pedicure provides relief you can feel. Village Naturals Therapy offers a unique blend of powerful therapeutic ingredients specially formulated to provide fast-acting relief you can feel. Concentrated formulas and soothing menthol work together to relax your body. Whether you have sore muscles or daily tensions, you’ll feel the difference. Restore while soaking in our powerful blend of essential oils and extracts including Juniper, Orange and cooling Menthol.


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